Where in the World is Lantz? – Strangers From Foreign Lantz

So, it turns out that creating a Lantz post is extremely hard after we missed last week and after my own six-day internet drought.

I think I’ve managed to piece things together.

First up – Lantz:

Lantz sez:  “This is what happens when I lose a game. Every. Time. I don’t have a lot of friends…”

Second – Lauby (since there seems to be some confusion):

Please note that I am a completely separate person.

Hmmm, going over the last post, it looks like we had a contest. The good news is that everyone who entered, won.  The bad news is that only two people entered.  Please join me in congratulating Dave_G and Counterfett on their sheer determination to participate.  So, either one of you should create your own easy to implement verbal green-stuff contest for next week’s not at all shameful grab for filler content contest.

But wait!  There’s more.  Von came through for us with this week’s new not at all shameful grab for filler content contest.  Take it away, Von

Describe your army/faction/crew/team/gang of choice in ten or fewer words. Assume the reader is a complete newbie to the world of wargaming, but is quite switched on as far as references go. For instance:

Trollbloods: half Native American, half pissed-up Scottish football hooligan.

Soooo…. go do that.  Have a happy Thursday!

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