Why Do I Still Bother With This Blogging Stuff…..

I recently had a brief break from blogging.

My excuse was that I was too busy with a number of personal issues to spare the time to come up with posts that would be worth reading so it was better if I just took a break.
Of course that wasn’t strictly true…..
I could probably have found time if I’d tried but the truth is I really couldn’t be bothered…
Terrible, huh?
Most people reading this presumably have blogs of their own based on the fact that this is an article on a blog network, lol. So I’m sure there’s a lot of different levels of experience in the world of the blogging ranging from ‘just started’ to ‘been doing it for fucking ever!!!’ reading this right now.
Those of you just starting have probably got a backlog of ideas that have been at the back of your mind for ages just waiting for an appropriate outlet so content shouldn’t be a problem. There’s also that sense of excitement from trying something new. Every new ‘Follower’ is a victory of sorts, the first comment by somebody who you don’t actually know in the real world is a cause for celebration and when you check your Google Analytics (or equivalent) and find that little graph of hits heading in a healthy upward direction it’s understandable to feel good that somebody actually cares about what your doing enough to check every day…..
But then you have to keep it up, don’t you?
Your backlog of ideas inevitably begins to run dry, regular sections become more difficult to fill, new features become that bit more tricky to come up with and there’s that time that you notice how many of your blogging peers appear to have just given up…
I have a group of friends who (possibly inspired by someone they know) have all started blogs of one kind or another over the last six months or so and the amount that haven’t updated for (in some cases) months is depressingly high. Many people fail to realize the time commitment and mental effort required to keep a blog going for any length of time and underestimate greatly how much more effort even than that is required to keep a blog filled with quality material.
So I seriously considered giving up…..I mean it would be so easy wouldn’t it?

Gmorts Chaotica would just become another one of those ‘last updated 3 months ago’ blogs that hang around at the bottom of a blog roll till somebody finally deletes it and I’m sure there’s more than enough slightly sarcastic guys, who give fairly good advice (interspersed with the odd picture of a girl in her underwear) to fill the tiny gap that would be created in the market, lol.

So I was all ready to douse my blog in petrol, throw in a lit match and claim off the insurance money when I had what you might call a moment of inspiration 😉

I never started a blog to become an internet celebrity or because I thought my opinion was any more valid than the next persons…I did it so I had a place to put up pictures of stuff I was proud of, rant about things that annoyed me and basically do whatever I damn well pleased with. That’s not to belittle those people who’s blogs are there out of a genuine desire to provide help in whatever form they choose, it’s just that that’s not why I do it…..

So I’ll post what I like, when I like and hopefully other people will like it too. Of course if they don’t then that’s fine as well…it’s not like there’s a shortage of blogs now is there?

So if your just starting out, then I wish you luck and if you’ve been doing it forever then well done for that too. Just remember why you started doing this in the first place 😉

Thoughts and Comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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