Malifaux: Intro bat-rep and review

Hey all,

You may have noticed the lack of activity around these parts of late. The main reason, besides those already discussed is that some time back in October ’15, the House interns staged a revolt resulting in a brief Civil War between the Coffee Runners and the Document Filers. Needless to say many cups of tea were politely but forcefully declined, several organs are now permanently stuck to desks/cubicles/ceiling fans and the House’s output capacity decreased markedly to a mere 7.29%. At least three floors are flooded and every fifteen or so meters there’s a greasy smear on the wall and the smell of burned fuses doesn’t seem to want to dissipate. We also need new power couplings for the Laser Defense Grid and new genomic templates for the cloning vats…but we will rebuild!

Getting back on track I’ve very, very recently dipped my toe into Malifaux and I’m quite enjoying it so far. I didn’t get photos from my intro game and I apologise for that, I thought it’d be too forward to snap pics. Plus, y’know, learning stuffs and there were enough entertaining sidetracks as it was ^^;


Masks, cuz y’know, Neverborn…and stuff.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m butting in here to state that I’m not 100% confident in my writing ability for a wider audience- I ramble, use brackets too frequently and seem to possess an overabundance of commas. This being said, I try to be engaging and so on but I do worry a great deal about my ability.

While the full rules were not employed in my first game (again, learning stuffs) I’ve gained a good understanding of the core rules and how shenanigans abound! I used the Neverborn side of the 2-player starter set against their Guild counterparts in a 20ss game with no VPs and a simple, ‘just kill everyone while learning rules interactions’ objective.

Having the fate deck in place of dice is a very nice twist on what I’m used to and given my luck with rolling D6’s* I think I’m going to have more luck at Malifaux. I’m currently reading through the Rules Proper and it helps having that intro game under the belt with understanding rules interactions and abilities.

*I can roll straight 6’s for armour saves but completely bone shooting with nothing higher than a 3.


Turn One: I was given initiative and nothing much of note happened, as everyone was walking for their actions apart from one orderly and Angel eyes. The orderly had activated before Angel eyes and took a defensive stance after walking. Angel eyes walked forward and promptly shot him, with Random Number God allowing her to inflict 3 damage, reducing the orderly’s health by 50%.


Turn Two: The Guild gains initiative and the unwounded orderly moves forward, moving closer to the Neverborn. A bloodwretch exposes itself and Dr Grimwell nimbly darts forward in an attempt to Lobotomize Angel eyes. He fails, but that ain’t no way to treat a lady. Angel eyes had finished off the wounded orderly just before Nurse Heartsbane ran in and administered an electroshock. Black blood spurted everywhere as I learned about auras/pulses and engagement ranges. The Scion didn’t like this and charged in to try and gut Dr. Grimwell with his sacrificial blade, scoring only minor damage on one attack (3/4/6, ouch!)

Turn Three: I gained initiative and sorta won as I gained quite a few good cards and flipped a Red Joker in combat, leaving only Nurse Heartsbane alive. Honestly I didn’t expect to win though winning is largely irrelevant- I had tonnes of fun and learned how to build combos, how to look for synergy and such. My opponent was such a great sport and I did have quite a bit of help from an actual Henchman who assisted in rules explanation, highlighting certain actions/triggers and ideal times to burn soulstone.

Practice safe Soul Harvesting, kids. No-one wants to accidentally become a Lich Lord.

Practice safe Soul Harvesting, kids. No-one wants to accidentally become a Lich Lord.

Memo for the House: See about energy efficiency of souls vs fusion reactors.

After packing up a lot of talking occurred, extra explanations were given and about 30 minutes was spent talking about the books and podcasts that one should check out. Long story short I picked up the MS+U (or was it MSG?) box, an electrical creation and an arcane effigy (who shall be painted as a gift). I might expand the Neverborn soon enough and go with Lilith’s crew due to the Black Blood synergies.

The black blood leads to madness, madness I say!

If Steampunk Arachnids are anything like Saprolings, I am going to have immense fun. Churn and burn baby, churn and burn.



Witty Closing Remark,

The Warlock

  • Smoke88

    You’ll like Lilith. Lots of shenanigans with terrain and a lot of depth. Ramos is a master I’ve looked at. Maybe I’ll delve into arcanists at a later date and he would be first on my list! Hope you enjoy Malifaux, it ticks all the boxes for me.

    • The Warlock

      She should be arriving Wednesday for me- there’s a tournament coming up and I’m using that as practice. There’s points for painted crews but my fancy base inserts for Ramos and co. don’t arrive until the week after. So I’ll be rocking Lilith and mix up the crew to include the starter stuff.

      • Malifaux is pretty, but not for me. SO glad you are liking it, though!

        • The Warlock

          Thanks Lo, it scratches my itch for fantasy gaming and I’m loving the scale change too.

  • Dragons Claw

    There’s a couple of guys who play malifaux in my store and they look like they enjoy it however I have converted about two thirds of them to infinity 😈

    • The Warlock

      Haha nice, always good to see new converts for anything. How’s the TAG’s going, DC?

      (I found my purple robe too, it was shoved into my HoP office desk)

      • Dragons Claw

        My tags are going well thanks I have two gecko’s for my nomads a Marts for my Aleph and a Cutter also known as the invisible Killertron for my Pan O all in all I’ve gone a bit TAG crazy but I am scheming on a Yu Jing ‘with no tags but 5 bikers 😆 I’ve been getting a lot of gaming in but not a lot of hobbying I’ve got a whole Aleph Army to paint plus a few repairs to do some of the infinity models are a bit fragile and a pair of Zonds for the nomads to assemble and paint. I am on the look out for a desk so I can set myself up a dedicated Hobby area

  • Cedric Ballbusch

    Brackets and commas are good things. I find your writing breezy and easy to follow, which is vert pleasant. I constantly struggle not to revert to legalese or dense academic verbiage in casual writing.

    • The Warlock

      Thanks Cedric, that’s reassuring to hear 🙂 I tend to worry quite a bit regarding my writing style and whether or not it’s professional or even formal enough for a blog reading audience.

  • Thuloid

    Malifaux is an interestingly divisive game. I like the models, but have never tried it. Some I know have loved the models but despised the mechanics. Others dig them. Curious.

    • The Warlock

      Malifaux is a bit of an odd duck with the mechanics, especially the whole cards vs dice shebang. Being able to change card results be cheating fate or using +ve or -ve twists is akin to re-rolls or modifiers. The blend of Lovecraftian horror, Victorian steampunk and the Wild West surprisingly makes the setting work sort of like a cross between the Priest movie and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.