Meaningless mumbling: 2016 sucks.

Hey all,

Haven’t felt like blogging in a long while and that’s cool. There’s a plethora of possible reasons and excuses of varying validity which I could use, but won’t bar the fact I don’t feel inspired or motivated anymore. I may have read through the entirety of Transmetropolitan, which may have given me some desire to write something in an attempt to keep in touch somewhat with the other denizens of the House. I could use Facebook, but I’m drifting from that and either check it out of habit or try and organise games of Malifaux. Whether it’s fatigue from keeping up with the Joneses or just not being bothered/annoyed at having to start every goddamn conversation with almost everyone remains to be seen.

Definitely worth a read if you're into cyberpunk.

Definitely worth a read if you’re into cyberpunk.

I may also have an uncanny resemblance to Spider Jerusalem, barring of course the smoking (and swish glasses that aren’t available anywhere 🙁 ). If I get heckled by activists on the street who ask what my spirit animal is (has happened to me on around 4 occasions now), the answer is going to be the above pro/antagonist of the Transmetropolitan series.

Heading somewhat on track, 2016 has turned out to be a weird and somewhat disappointing year so far, not unlike certain movies *coughsuicidesquadcough* and videogames *coughnoman’sskycough* released in this year. Kinda glad I didn’t buy NMS, the developers cut a lot of shit and it’s a series of find resources to upgrade the ship to go to a planet to find resources to upgrade the ship to go to a planet…and once the centre of the galaxy is reached, you get to do it again. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SIX TIMES. The game is a 64bit procedural generated content tech-demo with space exploration tacked on.

The centre of the galaxy basically teleports you to...another galaxy. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!

The centre of the galaxy basically teleports you to…another galaxy. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!

Getting this hobby related, I had about two games of infinity before I packed it in >.> I don’t really care for the community and “pie-ing the corner” is >.> really. Such gamey tactical ‘nuance’ is beyond me, or at least, I’m far more open to models claiming cover and line of site. Plus if you’re gonna tell me luck doesn’t exist and everything is confirmation bias, I’m really not going to enjoy playing the game- the odds of a favourable outcome occurring when you need said outcome = good luck, plus I’m sure as hell going to say that having 26 to-hit rolls all missing is unlucky. The models and fluff are ace despite this and perhaps one day I’ll paint them…once I try to get into Infinity for the third time >.> So yeah, that and the prospect of forking out >$300 for a passable amount of terrain and tokens is…well, fuck that shit man. I’m not paying the price of a 40k army to get enough terrain for a game. Everything also dies so quickly and douche tactics are promoted.

Not going to lie, it’s been a disappointing hobby year. Have yet to win a standard game of Malifaux and that’s been eating away at me for a few months- I play to have fun, but a win would be nice and at this stage it’s more a psychological need as in ‘I can win games’. There are fun games, but of late everything is feeling flat. Having Lucius duke it out with Mah Tucket while an Exorcist accuses the Little Lass of being undead (hint: green skin = UNDEAAAAAAAAAAD!) is hilarious; losing 5/9 models during turn 1 of another game is not. Unsure whether or not to take a break (re: possible break of over a year to indefinite) from the hobby- I love painting and have improved greatly over the year (and bought $165 worth of Windsor and Newton brushes…you don’t need two kidneys really). Need to reset the attitude though, as up until yesterday I was fuming about being pipped at the post in an enforcer brawl tournament- missed out on 3rd by 2 points. Last model, last activation, last round. It pissed me off so much as placing in a tournament was so close and previous tournaments/events had me placing near-last or last. Plus, the placing certificate is mentally interpreted as some tangible proof of in-game competency. So yeah, was angry until I realised how much of a tool I am for being that angry over a game (still would’ve been nice to be 3rd though). Gonna try and fix the attitude and attempt to get games on again in the future. Angry jerkface Warlock needs to check himself before he wrecks himself.

What do skulls, blood and Kellogg's cereal have in common?

What do skulls, blood and Kellogg’s cereal have in common?

Outside of hobbying there’s the sad fact my social life has kinda died on the vine as most of my associates, friends and acquaintances have or are graduating and moving on with life. It’s cool to see people I know graduate but losing that contact kinda blows. Losing that connection is oddly bittersweet- again it’s wonderful their moving on in life but it would be nice to keep that contact. Still, all the world’s a stage and certain actors/actresses enter the stage and exit the stage at varying points in the acts and scenes.

Me, well, I’m still plodding along with uni and expect to graduate next year. Work, bless their souls, are willing to have me do my placement at work so a) I don’t have to quit and b) they get a histo scientist out of the deal. It’s something at least and it’s a very good something as not having to leave work to do placement is a huge win. Insert apt comment about clouds with silver lining. It’s been a long road with uni and seeing graduation in a year’s time has been a long time coming- looking forward to it immensely. I will look like Lord Voldemort though once I’m clothed in the graduation gown. Totes not an evil magic man. I is chaotic good (well, more chaotic neutral this year but eh).

Oddly enough, it feels kinda therapeutic to get all of this out of the head and onto….a screen, I guess and while venting online is definitely something to do in moderation just removing it from the headspace clears up some room for healthier thoughts, yeah? Heh, at 2330 I feel somewhat better for having written an odd thousand words or so. If only uni assignments were this quick to type up, ha.

Anyhow, I’ll try and keep in touch a bit.

-The Warlock.

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  • Zab

    Yes 2016 blows. Good news: it’s more than half over. We should all burn it with fire on new years and send it off. Things will turn around. I had that same feeling of tired rage when I was getting near to the end of uni. Life gets better and yeah you can change your attitude, but it’s okay to wallow for a bit. Good to see some one in the house alive 🙂

    • The Warlock

      Hey Zab!
      I’m kinda gad that we’re nearly out of 2016- it feels like a re-run of 2015 so hopefully next year is hella good. Being an angry grouch is alright, provided it’s not 24/7- probably need to play with some orcs/orks to get the attitude righted 😛

      I did have a laugh at Von’s comment on the HoP facebook thing (checked to make sure the post went up there). It’s been three weeks since anything happened here and the two of us posted something within minutes of each other ^^;

      I think DC stole the laser defense grid, there’s nothing but cardboard boxes with toilet rolls stuck to them where steel laser batteries should be…

  • Thuloid

    Weird year for everybody, I think. Mine isn’t terrible, in fact in many ways good (small fat person helps with that), but a bit strange. Not so much hobbying.

    I’ve tried to get more painting done recently. Love my W&N, which are horrifyingly expensive in the US (awful regulation which thinks Kolinsky sable is pretty much the same as eating the last Dodo).

    Post-school was a very low time for me, socially. That’s been a few (let’s say 15) years now. Took a while to recover.

    • The Warlock

      Fat baby does help to distract from the rest of reality. Read your post on mockingbird last night too, was an interesting read as I agree that helicopter parenting can’t be beneficial.

      Really scared to open the sealed container of my only series 7 brush. It’s like: it’ll be deflowered like a meta or something. True story- had sticker shock at the price of one brush, but then though about the price of minis XD Every other new W&N brush has been tested, but the series 7…well, that’s for a special project.

      It’s odd in that with all the social media connections that everyone has, it feels like everyone is less inclined to communicate. By this I mean one can check facebook, twitter and so on to keep up to date with someone’s life but not actually send a ‘hey how’s it going?’ text or message.

      • Von


        They’re really nice brushes. To save them for something special is to miss out on their hardwearing qualities.

        • The Warlock

          NO! Not until I’ve undead flesh down as i want to go whole hog painting Titania’s crew

          • Von


            trying to master a new technique
            maybe the secret you need is
            a new paintbrush

          • The Warlock

            I spent $165 on new ones two weeks ago!

      • Thuloid

        Obviously my Mockingbird stuff rubs up against my career in a pretty direct way. And it’s opened some doors for me. Those posts are a lot more work than these.

        Just go ahead and open it. The thing about series 7 is that they hold a point so well, you’ll feel as if you’ve been painting with your feet all this time. And they last better than cheap brushes, too. There are specific tasks I use other brushes for (I like a cheap, snappy synthetic some of the time), but series 7 is now my go-to for most painting.

  • iscokeit

    I’m thankful to see some life around here – thanks for taking the time to post!

    • The Warlock

      No worries! The house needs more late night riffing posts 😛

  • Yeah 2016 has been a funny one for me too, to echo Thuloid. I’ve disconnected from the net a great deal, which has been hard but good. I think pretty soon people at large are going to realise that social media apps are not a useful tool, they are a vice like the pokies: fun in moderation, addictive, and easily abused to the detriment of your general mental health.

    I like this slow pace. Been reading Von’s blog, since he’s posting a bit more. And now I’m back here. Feels good man.

    Oh and about Infinity, I don’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers but in my experience online and listening to podcasts, I’d almost say that Infinity seems to attract the “cool kid” gamers. I’ve seen Infinity players be a bit dismissive of other games and project the attitude that they are somehow less awkward and dorky than other TT gamers. Because Infinity is more hip and adult or something. They certainly take it pretty seriously, as you were saying. Not so much forge the narrative, more rules-lore as tactics. My real life experience has been OK, but it was small and a long time ago. Sorry to hear about your experience.

    Oh my god I just edited this reply like six times. Straight back into old habits :[]

    • Thuloid

      I have some local Infinity players who are a lot of fun. And I’ve met some less local ones who were not as much fun. I’ve certainly gotten a whiff of cool kid from a few.

      One of the guys in the area might have the largest miniatures collection I’ve ever even heard of. 20+ foot table in his basement, elaborate terrain and boards of every description. He’s got large armies for pretty much every WHFB faction, most 40k factions, a lot of WarmaHordes, basically all of Infinity, and a ton of historicals. This is what happens when you’re gaming-obsessed, over 70 and bored. Fortunately, he’s a fun guy.

      • That’s huge. The biggest I’ve seen is a local guy who has the entire Ultramarines chapter with support staff, 20,000 points of Orks, and about 10,000 points of Tyranids. I guess he’s kinda into 40k, a bit. Not a single model for any other system as far as I know.

        • Thuloid

          Yeah, this guy tries most every game there is. Most of his stuff is painted, most of it is based. He sells off chunks of armies sometimes, then buys new components. It’s crazy. Every so often people go over to his house for big team games.

    • The Warlock

      About to start work, expect Wall of Text cast in 17 hours

    • The Warlock

      Lol, edit away! The slow pace is alright, given how it feels a few of the old guard have moved on to less intern-strewn pastures. (The interns are given white shirts to work in. How they become bright red is anyone’s guess). How are the oil paintings coming along? The Usagi Yojimbo piece was pretty swish 😀

      Infinity feels more hip as it’s interpreted as some sort of tactical game rather than a form of enjoyment, or at least, that’s the atmosphere I felt. Everything seemed like SRS Bizniss and declaring the ARO action in relation to the action is weird and doesn’t seem right. That’s a rule thing, not a player thing mainly- Dude A is out of cover, so he moves into cover. Dude B AROs a shot at him in the period of time -before- he gains cover.

      It’s like, what’s the point of trying to get cover if moving openly creates AROs so you can’t actually get shit done. An ARO before you push the Big Red Button marked ‘Do Not Push’ resulting in your dude bleeding out instead of completing his objective feels….convoluted at best. Not knocking the players, if they get enjoyment, more power them but damn the rules feel like you need some kind of notebook for interaction resolving. Probs not a game for me, though the models are pretty spiffy.

      Good to see you round the House! #MakedaHousegreatagain

      • Yeah painting is going well, the usagi one was a charcoal sketch actually. I think I’m getting better, which is the idea. Trying not to think about anything more than that. If you want to see what I’ve been up to you can check my instagram @jimmy.spence. While I do indeed think social media is the devil, I seem to be able to tolerate instagram because a), it’s just a bunch of pretty pictures and b) it doesn’t do anything that freaks me out, like telling everyone I know whenever I like or comment on something.

        The Infinity rules are well done in the sense that everything about the way they’re written fits with the aesthetic of the game – even the names of rules sound like cyberpunk acronyms. I guess that helps with the immersion, which in turn makes the players act like they are serious cyberpunk spec-ops. I see what you mean with the ARO’s though, they were obviously trying to disrupt the I go u go paradigm to make it all feel more immediate, but it’s unsatisfying when, as you said, your dude dies at an odd point in the sequence :/