Worthy Cause: HELP for HEROES Salamander Army

Heya folks!  As we are wont to do, the House of Paincakes is here to promote one of our member’s charity excellent contributions for charity!

Today are doing IDICBeer and the fine men and women of the UK armed forces a solid and promoting a fund raising effort to help The Really Good Cause!

IDICBeer and a whole mess of other cool people are collecting, building and painting a Salamanders army they plan to raffle off.  The proceeds, of course, going to aid members of the UK military who have suffered life altering wounds (and to be clear, it’s not any of the cool kind – where you end up finding the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak).

If you’re interested in helping, be sure to check out this link for more info:

HELP for HEROES Salamanders Army Raffle and Project Update Home Page

There’s not a lot there yet, but as it is with many projects of this type, I expect there will be a steady stream of updates over time.

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