Zab’s Blogging and Painting Inspirations- Guest Post by Zab


So a while back I shot my mouth off in the comments section and I got called out to expand on my hot air filled comment. No problem, if there’s one thing I have lots of its verbal diarrhea! If I remember correctly the idea was something like this:



Man, it’s like I have a eidetic memory 😛

Anyway, I can’t cover every blog on my rolls because there are hundreds, but the following are a few that jumped out at me while browsing. I’ll pigeon hole them into categories I have randomly assigned based on my own insane criteria.


This is the welcoming committee inside my brain… I don’t get a lot of repeat visits.


Let’s start with the hobbyists. These folks are not pros and in some cases are just getting into the hobby or back to the hobby or are mainly gamers who hobby a bit on the side or like to hobby, but can’t dedicate tons of time or what have you.  Now why would I put these folks on my blog roll? I mean I am so far beyond their skill level now, right? I don’t think so. The hobby we do is basically a creative outlet and heaven only knows what you can stumble into by accident or in a fit of passion.  It’s fun to be reminded of my beginnings and to help out with comments and to see folks come up with new ways to do things or watch them “level up”  on their latest project because they got passionate about it. Actually, it’s  inspiring.


So here are a few I like to watch:


Every year this insane bastard tries to cull his grey army by taking a month to paint a mini a day. ONE MINI. EVERY DAY. TO COMPLETION. FOR A MONTH!!!  That is awesome and someday I might try it out myself.


I just like his style. His Minotaurs were really cool and I loved how his did their tank. With the sponge technique no less! I use that for weathering, but in never would have occurred to me to get beautiful ly aged metal with that style.


Striving to up their painting game and discovering color theory. I like watching that because I did that a few years ago and reading about it is vastly different than putting it into practice. In the last few months I have seen leaps and bounds in the painting area.

Let’s move onto the artists. I think this is where I would be comfortable putting myself now, though just barely. Not long ago I may have even looked up to these folks and in some ways I am still blown away by what they do.


I have some ax faction minis and they are tiny. You should see what this guy can do with them o_O But he does way more than fantasy or even painting, he has recently gotten back into sketching. That is an enviable talent.


Hands down some of the best Grimdark conversions I have ever seen anywhere. Ever.  Makes me want to raid my bits box weekly.



He’s learning some hard lessons as he plys the waters of commission painting. That said he’s sharing openly what is happening, including his mistakes. What blows me away is the innate and almost instinctual skill with the airbrush. Check out a couple or his Eldar flyers and tell me there isn’t artistry there.

Last but not least let’s look at some of the pros out there. These are the folks who make a living at the hobby or at least do it so well it makes the rest of us look like we are finger painting rather than figure painting -_-


There are a ton of sexy models on his site. Now look past that at how well they are painted. Some of them look like cosplayers just standing still o_O He’s why I bought some big kits and took a stab at Vampirella.



Do you love Forge World’s Horus Heresy Character Series? Me too!  Someday I may even be able to do them justice like this.



If you haven’t heard of them I question your dedication to this hobby. Painting Gods. I am looking forward to their Mad Max car contest this fall. I may not even enter, but if I do I am sure I will be properly trounced.

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  • Zab

    Eesh. Who let the rif raf in? Also, this guy clearly needs to proof read more. Boooooooo -_-

    • Drathmere

      I heard that guy Zab painted a lot of stuff for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. 😉

    • Yeah there’s been a real slipping of standards in the new authors department 😉

      • Zab

        Hey now! I am on loan from The Department of Redundancy Department. I’m just a lower level manager of managed services filling in for one of your writers. And i occassionally paint the odd thing for NOVA as that doesn’t require spelling or grammar. You should all really buy some raffle tickets:
        Also why is this “cubicle” so slimy?

        • Captain Kellen

          Slimy cubicle…

          I suggest a flamethrower or you might never get it all and if you don’t it multiplies like Tyranids on a agricultural planet run by bacon-wrapped hot dog blood bowl players.

        • Dude I hate to be the one to break this to you but it’s an open plan office if your sitting in a slimy cubicle that’s probably the toilet or somewhere decidedly less savoury actually if there’s not a toilet in there get out NOW don’t look back and try and stay very very quiet

    • Captain Kellen

      Hey! I resemble that comment!

    • Porky_Poster

      In first to rage at your own post suggests an intuitive understanding and maybe mastery of the medium.

  • Captain Kellen

    So… you have this blog roll. And articles come up from of your ‘inspirational’ sites.

    I wonder how I got onto that list. You have a ‘this is not how to blog’ section don’t you? or is it the ‘You think you’re having a bad day…’

    I rate this article a ‘New Lamp’ on the ‘Toy Room’ to ‘In Bed’ scale…

    I’d like anyone to figure out that rating scheme.

    Corners, corners, everywhere…

    • Zab

      Dammit DC, don’t knock the epiphany toilet! I pull all my best ideas outta there 😛 CK,you’re on the roll sir, don’t kid yourself. Also, new lamp is clearly the way to go. I will die to defend that ideal.

  • Porky_Poster

    I feel a similar way about the Convertorum. Then again, I do think there can be a little too much focus in the single-figure and warband conversion scene on almost paying homage to or even emulating John Blanche’s approaches. As good as they are, they’re well-known and relatively well-explored now, by JB most obviously. I’d be more interested in seeing such talented people make attempts at approaches more their own, and truly new thinking on the setting.

    • Zab

      Yes he’s heavily Blanche inspired. I do like that style though and I am a sucker for skirmish games. I was saying over on another post that i was getting a bit of grimdark burn out and was wondering what an AoS style shift would do for 40k – probably rip a new warp rift right through the middle of the internet born of all the nerd rage…

  • My favorite thing is when I do a blogger search, and find Zab posts from 2012 and earlier, asking the same type of questions I know ask! Hope for everybody! Thanks for the sites Zab!

    • Zab

      Yeah I like to revisit my older posts too. I have come a long way in 3 years. then I look at all the pros and see that i still have a lot to learn and master o_O

  • Benderisgreat

    The Convertorum makes me wish people in my area played Dark Heresy. Friggin friends having friggin kids…..

    • Zab

      Patience, eventually those kids grow into the hobby or out of their parents either way you’ll be there OR you’ll have your own by then and be watching all the gamers having fun while you change diapers and wonder when being up til 2am stopped being fun 😛

  • Myles David

    Thanks for the shout out man. I’m amongst esteemed company there.

    • Zab

      Honestly, I think you’re underrated. All my HH characters are in the “When i get better pile” as I stare at your cool renditions. Oh and your BA? Stunning. I’m gonna have to get some com arts paints or try and emulate what you do with some ghost tints on some upcoming boxed sets.

  • Hey, Zab! You made it. Thanks for this I’ll definitely check these out. Sometimes it feels like the only people reading are the ones who comment, but this post has brought a few people out of the woodwork. Nice one 🙂

    Also sorry I’m late, I’m in a great mood because I spilled tea all over my 2008 laptop and then managed to re-arrange some savings and got a new one today. Now I can finally play Shogun Total War 2 years after everyone else!

    • Zab

      I like that with google and wordpress you can see where hits are coming from and visit those sites. I have discovered more than few forums and blogs i had no idea about and that’s pretty cool 🙂 Tell me about the old laptops. i’m running a lovely Sony with vista from 2007. Its showing its age so I am hoping to upgrade my self soon. Squirreling away funds too. Decent laptops are so cheap now. i am shocked and a bit happy because i will be able to upgrade a few programs too 🙂