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Back to Business -Topic Ideas and More

Ladies and gentlemen, my self created “vacation” is over. For the past few months, I have been well and truly occupied by outside factors and I have not been able or willing to put in the time and attention the...

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New Member Monday – Continuing Additions

Hey folks, Loquacious here.   I know I’ve been sparse lately but I promise I still have a heavy purse and will wield it with impunity against any infraction here at the House. I have a couple things going on...

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[Dredging the Grimdark] The Fallen Angels

This article is a part of a series called “Dredging the Grimdark” that reviews how you can use old, out of production (OOP) Citadel models or odd fluff armies in your games of 7th Edition Warhammer 40k. In this edition,...

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Fitting in to the Local Scene

So here’s a topic that’s somewhat… I’m not sure… not really controversial, but something that should be written with care. Not just because there might be people from my local group(s) reading this, but because it’s tricky to write a...

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Wintercon, and the Way of Warhammer

This weekend at Exhibition Park in Canberra (also known as EPIC, bro), it was Wintercon: Canberra’s other games con. It?s held in the middle of winter, in one of the coldest parts of Australia, so is pretty much just locals....

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New Member Monday – Mondays Keep Coming

I would like to have a week without a Monday, once. It’d be nice. But since I keep having Mondays, I get to keep adding members to our blog Network. Baby Members like this one: smileyfaceharry’s Blog(s)

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The Ballbusch Review: Lion Rampant

The Middle Ages are, in many respects, the definitive period in the development of Western civilization.  While often cast as an interregnum between the glory that was Rome and the brilliance of the Renaissance and later enlightenment, the thousand year...

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New Member Monday- Rollin 2 Deep

We have 2 new members today! The Wayward Warcor– Infinity Gaming in Northern Virginia and the NOVA Open Does BC know about this? We need to let BC know about this. Dice Gods Are Hungry   After a period of exile in...


[Another Year of Frugal Gaming] Crash and Burn

Picture the scene. It’s 1995. A baking hot summer’s day, in the small town of Dartington, which is in Devon, which is on the south-western coast of the United Kingdom. A small, slightly dusty newsagent’s shop. A small, slightly sweaty, slightly overweight...


Mr. and Mrs. Oak Try Out SW Armada

Hallo there House, I’m here to drizzle more Maple Syrup all over your Paincakes.  July 1st was Canada Day, after all! The Thuloid wrote an excellent review of Star Wars: Armada in late June, and this post is intended to be supplemental...