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[Top X] Xacting Sweet Vengeance On Those Left Behind

Title brought to you by too many Aaron Dembski-Bowden novels and a state of general malaise. News Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight have gone their separate ways. Leaving aside the Cold-War-style speculation, overanalysis, conspiracy theorising and other spod-nonsense, this means...

Definitely worth a read if you're into cyberpunk. 18

Meaningless mumbling: 2016 sucks.

Hey all, Haven’t felt like blogging in a long while and that’s cool. There’s a plethora of possible reasons and excuses of varying validity which I could use, but won’t bar the fact I don’t feel inspired or motivated anymore....

Wednesday Additions 7

Wednesday Additions

Hey look, a whole bunch of new sites to add! All of them are interesting and have lots of cool minis to check out. Enjoy!    


Getting Shit Done: Build Day!

WHAM! Second post right in the ocular receptors! Build Night took a break once the really bad karaoke died down (or someone was strangled, you never know- Bowie, Elvis and MJ were among the casualties) and turned into Build Day,...

Traffic light master has funky hiring mechanics 7

Build night!

Yo, what up o wretched scum and villainy of the internets? I’ve been learning the basics of Infinity and for all intents and purposes it’s around 137.36% different to how Malifaux plays. The main things I need to grasp is...

It's like Australia, but in space. 9

Infinity N3: Diving in, all hail the Hyperpower

So…heeeeeyyyyy, it’s been a while right? Well, um, we have lives (not that I do anything with mine, but I’m sure everyone else does stuff with theirs). One doesn’t feel like blogging and probably needs to make a page on...

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The Ballbusch Review: Honours of War

Let us look back to a more civilized age.  When men wore wigs and kings consulted philosophers.  An age of reason, when warfare and conquest were the sport of kings.