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The Ballbusch Review: Broken Legions

Today we’re looking at Broken Legions by Mark Latham, late of Games Workshop.  Mr. Latham is known for his efforts on behalf of GW’s Warhammer Historical imprint (RIP) and apparently did time as the editor of White Dwarf, but this...


[Top X] Xacting Sweet Vengeance On Those Left Behind

Title brought to you by too many Aaron Dembski-Bowden novels and a state of general malaise. News Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight have gone their separate ways. Leaving aside the Cold-War-style speculation, overanalysis, conspiracy theorising and other spod-nonsense, this means...


Meaningless mumbling: 2016 sucks.

Hey all, Haven’t felt like blogging in a long while and that’s cool. There’s a plethora of possible reasons and excuses of varying validity which I could use, but won’t bar the fact I don’t feel inspired or motivated anymore....

Wednesday Additions 7

Wednesday Additions

Hey look, a whole bunch of new sites to add! All of them are interesting and have lots of cool minis to check out. Enjoy!    


Getting Shit Done: Build Day!

WHAM! Second post right in the ocular receptors! Build Night took a break once the really bad karaoke died down (or someone was strangled, you never know- Bowie, Elvis and MJ were among the casualties) and turned into Build Day,...


Build night!

Yo, what up o wretched scum and villainy of the internets? I’ve been learning the basics of Infinity and for all intents and purposes it’s around 137.36% different to how Malifaux plays. The main things I need to grasp is...