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Infinity N3: Diving in, all hail the Hyperpower

So…heeeeeyyyyy, it’s been a while right? Well, um, we have lives (not that I do anything with mine, but I’m sure everyone else does stuff with theirs). One doesn’t feel like blogging and probably needs to make a page on...

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The Ballbusch Review: Honours of War

Let us look back to a more civilized age.  When men wore wigs and kings consulted philosophers.  An age of reason, when warfare and conquest were the sport of kings.  

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With the rapid growth of the copycat industry there is now a dizzying variety of knock-off phone brands. One has recently appeared (with) president Obama as its spokesman and sports a beaming Obama on its advertisements. “This is my Blackberry,”...

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Thuloid Speaks: Kings of War Hardback Review

Greetings, O House! I return in due season to perorate on the virtues and vices of Mantic Games’ new Kings of War hardbound book. My last post (ages ago, it seems) addressed the basic structure of the rules in broad form, and I have...

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The Highest Power

Love. Faith. Family. Friendship. Money. Fame. Control. Influence. All of these are key types of power, but for me, they don’t hold a candle to the highest power I know. True power is service. (Pope Francis said that. He’s a...

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I Heart Harley Quinn

Hey folks, SinSynn here.   How the hell are ya? 🙂 So life is good in SinSynn land right now. The Crazy Lady I Live With isn’t mad at me at the moment (Which is surprisingly rare. I haz no idea...