An Interview with A Henchman

Welcome to what might be a series of interviews of “semi-pros”, people who get some kind of compensation for their hobby activities but haven’t become industry professionals YET. First up is an interview with GMort, who was kind enough to let me pester him AND waited almost 2 years to see the interview published.

(sorry man.)

I asked Gmort about being a Henchman — 

Well that’s exactly the kind of thing I want to ask…how did you become a Henchman, what do you do, etc. 

What is the application process like in the UK? In the States, I have heard that you have to “know someone” to get approved.  Is that true for you over there?

To become a Henchman you have to apply via their website. There’s a number of questions about your experience at teaching game systems, how long you’ve been playing, what can you bring to the role, etc. You also need to post pictures of at least two fully painted crews and have a local gaming store that you’re based at but you don’t need to ‘know’ any-one as far as I know (I didn’t).

How many crews do you have? How many do you PLAY?

I currently have 33 crews, 27 of which are painted (two of those are technically the same crew as I have the plastic and metal versions of Seamus) and a couple of ‘Nightmare’ versions . I’ve played them all at least once but I primarily use Seamus, Leveticus and various of the Gremlin Masters (when I want a more light hearted game).

Twenty one of them are pictured in the blog post at the following link though I have more than that done now.

Once you are a Henchman, do you file reports on your activities? Is it true you “have” to demo at any store that has an interest?

Once you’re a Henchman you need to send them a report at least two days before the event and another within four days of completing it. Different events have different values and frequency limits. So for example, a demo can be anything up to four hours but you can only claim for a max of three a month, one league per month, etc.

How do you send a report BEFORE an event? What kind of report d they want? What counts as an event? Does a competition count for an event (like at Adepticon or something)? 

As anything you do has to be posted on the Wyrd forums you have to let them know that you’ve actually done that (and send them the link), where you’re doing the event and what it is, etc. So if you’re just chilling out at your local hobby store and somebody asks for a demo you wouldn’t be able to claim for doing it. Everything has to be planned for before time.

You can claim for demo’s, leagues, hobby nights, tournaments, painting competitions and conventions (though you need to give two weeks notice for conventions) though they have varying values and everything has an upper limit you can claim for.

Each event or hour spent doing an event equates to a soulstone value which can be cashed in at a dollar per soulstone. You used to only get half the listed value for your first six events but they’ve stopped that now.

Do you know what caused that change? When did that occur? 

The change occurred very recently but I’ve no idea why…though they really should credit me some soulstones as when I did my first six events I only got half soulstones for them 🙁

Minimum is one event a month though that’s more a guideline than an actual rule. You have to post your events on the Wyrd forums as well which I think is partially to stop people just making events up…

You don’t ‘have’ to do demo’s on demand. I demo at my local store regularly but it’s up to me when I do it, not them though obviously I do consult with them on when I’m doing them.

I guess I didn’t ask the right question. A friend of mine is/was a Henchman (but has slowed a lot since MKII) and he said something like… I run events at any store that wants me/asks me to. I can’t have preferences… it gave me the impression that even though he didn’t like a particular store’s set up, he can’t exactly decline because of Wyrd’s policies or something. Did I misunderstand, or did he just express something in a weird way? 

No-one has ever told me I had to demo in a specific place and if I didn’t like the place, set-up or people then I just wouldn’t do it, it’s up to me. Any-one who tried to make me would get told to fuck off 😉

I would really love to hear your opinion of the revamp. It seems like the new factions and new rules offer a lot of challenges for older players in my area. Have you seen that as well, or are you seeing something else? 

The whole system is far more streamlined and balanced which has upset the kind of player who just picks the most broken thing they can win with regardless of whether the other person enjoys themselves. Pandora players are the most upset as now they have to actually earn wins rather than just turn up…Hamelin the Plagued was just as bloody bad as well….

Most crews play virtually the same as before and not that much has changed in real terms from a rules point of view, it’s just been necessary tweaks and clarifications. The main changes are fairly easy to teach some-one (I’ve retaught about twenty people in the last couple of weeks) I’ll be posting tutorials on the blog from this Saturday if you’re really interested 😉

Does Wyrd have a UK office, or do you report to the folks in the US? How often do you get goodies? How long is shipping for you? 

No UK office. I report to a woman in the US. When I want goodies I put in a request for a code and tell them how many soulstones I want to ‘cash-in’ (1 soulstone is worth 1 dollar) then I order stuff as normal through the webstore and enter the code and that value comes off the price…I still have to pay for postage though. It takes a couple of days to get a code and a week or two to get my orders normally though my Gen Con order took over a month ;-(

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