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Hey denizens of the House!

A bit of a random question as it’s a bit of an odd one- How does one remove dodgy water effects from a terrain piece? Stuffed up a water filled crater and want to remove the botched attempt so I can go at it again.

Any help would be appreciated if anyone knows something about the working of water effects.


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  • Zab

    You will ikely have to strip and retsart – the terrain to be clear, don’t do this shit naked o_O
    You may be able to clear it out with some nail polish remover, but anything you use will strip the paint too.
    Teachable moment: Alsway test new things on a scrap piece, be it an old mini or a piece of aquarium terrain you got for a steal.
    Sorry man, we’ve all been there.

    • I’m fearing I may run into this with my Mountain King.

      Be aware Nail Polish Remover, if it’s acetone based, (often it’s 100% acetone) is crazy bad for you, even to breathe.

      I would pour up a test piece of terrain for testing the removal of the water effects. Maybe alcohol and a Q-tip? (When you buy alcohol, it’ll be rated by percentage, get the 99% stuff.) If that works, you might have to carefull use a knife to carve out all the water you can and alcohol to melt the rest. (Even if the alcohol smooths out and/or melts to a new water basin.)

      You could also contact the manufacturer and see if they have tips.

      • The Warlock

        I’ve removed what I can with knives, etc. I’ll see what I can do with alcohol.

    • The Warlock

      Geez Zab, you could’ve clarified earlier. Now I have to put on more than just socks 😛

      I’ll try dettol as that’s my go-to paint remover and chuck in a piece of the water effects first to see what happens. Will get pics up and fill this hobby gap.

  • FIRE

    Fire cleanses all

    • Drathmere

      That is a method, but I’d stick with Zab’s suggestion if you want to reuse the piece. 🙂

    • Cedric Ballbusch

      You sound like my father.

      He figured that with enough napalm any problem could be solved.

      (I have nothing useful to add to this topic)

      • Napalm does have its limitations though some days you just have to take off and nuke the whole facility from orbit its the only way to be sure.

        • Cedric Ballbusch

          Clearly you two would have gotten along. Very similar ideas about the reasonable use of force…

          • As the use of force is almost always unreasonable there’s no point tying your self to esoteric concepts of acceptable levels of violence or to put it another way morality is for the post game analysis and is the exclusive preserve of the victor

          • Cedric Ballbusch

            Dad? What are you doing on the internet?

          • The cans of worms this question opens…

  • The Warlock

    Lol, it was me.

    Long story short: I obtained an old GW crater set and tried out some Vallejo water effect gel (turns out it’s more for sculpting) and poured some actual water effects over it. This ended up making it look like white, gooey…you get the idea. The other four craters worked well with just water effects (as they were done after the first one).

    I figured I’d have the strip it all down and start again. I’m thinking dettol as that strips paint, ruins superglue and can weaken plastic glue so hopefully it’ll cover this.

    • The Warlock

      Also, thanks for all the responses- these craters might not be much but they’re pretty big and area-terrainy

    • Oh, this is exactly what I ran into with my sculpting gel and Woodland Scenics water effects. The two chemically react and the sculpting gel turns white. If you get all the white out, you might be able to pour the water effects back in.. I’ve had luck where pouring clear water around more water makes the inside stuff invisible and it all looks fine.

  • Bush Craft

    If it’s water soluble try cutting out as much as you can with a fine-point x-acto knife, then dip a q-tip (“cotton bud”, whatever) in hot/boiling water and rub it around to dissolve the leftover chunks hanging on the craters.

  • The Warlock

    Update: Hot water helped in removing most of the gunk but the crevices are super stubborn. In true manly fashion I basically went “fuck this shit” and I’m going to make it a dry crater filled with vegetation.

    Still not wearing pants.