Monday Madness- I Made it on Monday!!!!

I have a bunch of new members to add, and I managed to post this on a Monday! It’s a double treat, folks.


I hope you are all well rested and ready for FallOut4, My son has already requested Wednesday off of work so he can play until his eyes bleed (or something equally responsible). PipBoy yay!

—- I tried to insert a picture of the pip boy 3000 here, but it didn’t want to load. Everyone knows what it looks like, amirite?—

We have someone reviving an old blog- check out Darksun Life and maybe give him a little love.

Joshua, the self-described “hobby butterfly” also has a blog and wants us to check him out. Wargaming, Writing, Hobby Etc is the place.

We also had an application from what I can only hope is a sarcastic and bro-humor site, attempting to advertise a “crappy” product. I have no objections to blatant promotion (and I’m about to talk about it very soon) so I am gonna leave it up to the readers. Should we allow blatant and shameless pushing of products here? What about paid ads? Sponsored posts? I want to hear your opinion on all of that.


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  • Thuloid

    I see no reason not to allow shameless pushing of products, as long as people are just as free to say how much they don’t like said products. Y’know, to maintain the high moral standards of the House.

    • Oh sure. I expect relentless mocking if it’s too bad.

      • I -could- use some cheap Oakley’s…

  • I’m about to review Happy Seppuku’s most recent Kickstarter for terrain stamps and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind the extra coverage if people like…

    That said, I’ve been getting a bunch of review requests from companies unwilling to provide products, asking me to either buy it myself or simply review it based on pictures or video, citing examples of sites that do so in trade for a plug of the review from the manufacturer. You won’t see those kinds of reviews on Wargaming Tradecraft because I won’t put my name behind something unless I can actually verify the quality of the product.

    • Yeah I am with you there.

    • Thuloid

      I’m perfectly willing to review products unavailable to me. I’m just as willing to make up any and all facts in my review pertaining to a product I don’t have on hand.

  • Cedric Ballbusch

    I freely admit that I have deeply democratic and capitalistic sympathies. So, I accept advertising and promotion are, in there way, good.

    Yet, Feudalism rests deep in my soul, and there is always the niggling sense that a gentleman ought to acquire this wealth from his land (and the occasional raid on neighbors); with commercialism, business, and money all base and crass.

    Romanticism aside. Shameless product pushing and plugs should come with proper notation that the post an comments therein are biased and why.

  • James Henderson

    I just want to read more articles here on the house; things seem to have really slowed down and I want to see more stuff from the (usually) regular contributers!

  • The Warlock

    I would vote against having advertising on-site. We’re not BoLS, so I’m against those little click-link ads. As long as the pushing of product is dressed up as a “review” that contains free product, is relatively un/biased and gives reasons as to why one should, or should not, buy the utter living fuck out of said product then I’ll support that.

    I guess I’m just cautious as our moral…compasses and quality of articles are quite good. I’m wary of well, what could happen if adverts become a thing. Kinda seconding what Dave has said as well.

    • Hey, even I’ve put ads on Wargaming Tradecraft. I’ve reduced the categories a bunch so it shouldn’t be showing any actual questionable stuff but I have noticed that some ads aren’t categorized correctly. Am I making anything from them? Barely. But it’d probably support the HoP’s hosting requirements.

      But ads are ads, obviously so. I simply caution when we enter the territory of providing our article space to products. Laughable or not, we provide them a certain legitimacy and traffic.

      • The Warlock

        My concern stems from the less reputable adverts and selling out to a company. Merry phrases it better, I’m in a sour-ish mood today due to slow downloads and a shitty exam. Mainly I’m just worried about giving adverts a larger-than-appropriate space. :/ I guess if it allows the House to stay afloat it’s worth it. Not sure how to explain how I feel. Unnecessarily worried? Adverse to change?

        • Fair enough.

          “Slow downloads” = “I’m up waiting for my Fallout 4 to finish installing” ? 😉

          • The Warlock

            Yes, heh. I haven’t bought into the hype so it should be pretty good ^^

  • MerryVulture

    Ads…No. Legitimate reviews of product, either purchased or given, yes.

    Satirical reviews of products not given but expecting reviews for nothing? Hell yes.

    • What about “Sponsored posts”? (this is to all of you)

      • Suppose it depends on the definition of “sponsored.” If it’s something that could be of value to the readers and there’s a mention of the sponsoring, I’m all for it.

      • Thuloid

        Nothing that looks like BoLS-style clickbait crap. But if it looks decent and is clearly marked as sponsored, not opposed.

  • Luke

    sorry for the delayed response! thank you for the add 🙂 im hoping to update about twice a week, once with a vlog and once or twice with a blog post

  • My position on all advertising is directly correlated to my cut. 😉

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