Top X!

IMG_20150809_215646677_zpscloopm8qOK so I’ve dropped all pretense of weeklitude. Behold: a “sort of within a fortnight(ish) of the last one” Top X!

There has been a lot of really great stuff on the rolls, and it was hard to choose. Especially since some were continuations of posts I’ve highlighted before, so I naturally wanted to return to them. But I think it’s important to keep moving into new territory. So:

The irrepressible John Steining at 40k Hobby Blog has built some sort of voodoo contraption out of an electric fly swatter. I think it applies static grass. Check it out.

Yeah... that looks too complicated for me.

Yeah… that looks too complicated for me.

Mydnight… I can’t believe they managed to nab that name. That’s quick thinking. Mydnight has some nice Robotech models. I haven’t seen many of these yet, and these ones look good.


How good is the paintjob on these Malifaux models? Nice work from Scott Vaughn at the appropriately named Scotty’s Workshop blog.



Benjamin Brun at Blacky Creations has scratch-built an Ork stompa, and we all know that’s the best way to get one. My French is pretty crap, but I believe, il est tres stompée.


The Trojan Points blog has some clever modular terrain the group is planning to use for 15mm Frostgrave. I never thought of playing it in 15mm. I’m getting keen to see someone actually play Frostgrave. Minigames take such preparation that we’re still in that exciting stage where people everywhere are getting ready to play it.


Speaking of clever uses, the lines continue to blur between historical and uh, not historical miniature wargames. Which is a good thing. One of the things I hope F&SF gamers can learn from historical gamers is the willingness to mix up systems as well as models. Stuart S at Dust, Tears and Dice uses the Martian Empire rules for a purely historical game with no Martians, set during the Boxer Rebellion – one of my favourite violent historical events (wait that sounds like I’m kind of evil).

P1140980Till next time, have a good one!

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  • Mydnight is a personal friend of mine (like, lives in my town etc) so I am STOKED to see him on Top X!

  • Cedric Ballbusch

    The Gargant proves that the proper way to make 40k vehicles is scratch building.

  • Drathmere

    I love those robotech models! The green looks so good on those guys. The question I have is how to base them since they fight in space and on land. Hopefully mydnight will solve that problem for us as well. 🙂

    • Sabot APFSDS-T

      I used clear bases from Litko Aero. They’ve got a really nice template designed, and can even do laser engraving.

  • Certs

    That picture of modular terrain shown here actually belongs to player that made it to showcase the idea for a terrain contest at a Spanish tournament maybe 2 years back. Got a decent amount of praise (functional if a bit drab in appearance for Infinity) and a number of imitators since then, which is what I’m assuming his plan is to do as well. But… link’s broken so can’t tell what’s up.