• gx1080

    Is this blog dead?

    • I know a lot of the authors, myself included (though I was hardly a regular), have had a lot of personal stuff to deal with lately. Seems many of us are on a bit of a hiatus.

      • Yeah, I’ve had some personal issues. I’ve been trying to summon up the enthusiasm and energy to write, but I haven’t played a game, painted a model, written anything for my own blog or even followed my personal social media for months now :/

        I’m not exactly sure how everyone else is going. Maybe this is a good time for us chime in and let the others and the readers know how we’re traveling?

      • Cedric Ballbusch

        Indeed. Other business really hasn’t permitted me much time to think about, much less write about wargames. Add to an unhealthy amount of baby mama drama, to use the parlance of our times, and I just can’t seem to get anything done blog wise.

        A shame everyone seems to have run it a wall all at once.

        Also, oddly enough, the whole wargames blog-o-sphere has gotten really quiet the last six month. As if something cast a pall over the whole hobby. I blame the death of WHFB

        • The Warlock

          I’d second the death of WHFB as the cause, there’s at least 3 main fanbase splinters (KoW, 9th age, oldhammer).

          While I wasn’t exactly a frequent poster to begin with…I haven’t been doing much in the way of gaming. Painting is happening, if only that motivation has been rekindled in the form of a 2016 painting challenge. This all being said, I must confess I don’t really think I have much to contribute to the House article-wise plus I worry incessantly about my writing ability/tone.

          Life-wise, I’ve been trying to locate employment since Sept and that’s put a bit of a crimp on doing things. Not really comfortable expanding on that but it’s not too dire a situation.

        • wait, what? You are having/had a baby??????????????????

      • Dragons Claw

        I wrote an article hear once but the last 4 months have been crazy for me split with partner of 12 years changed jobs the main part of which is handling the logistics of catered functions just in time for Christmas non stop giant parties for 3 weeks. Any free time I have has been spent actually playing and trying to keep a relationship with my step son going rather than writing about it?

      • I’d echo this, beat ronin, et al. I’ve had 2-3 articles written, and then succumbed to this huge writers cramp. “This isn’t good enough.” kind of thing.

        I’m just getting the ship turned around though, we’ll see if I have things to contribute

        • Anything is better than nothing (says the lady who hasn’t written in months)… I was on a downward spiral, and then I had a death in the family. That put me on the outs with any hobby I had for a very long time. I’m trying to recover but it’s slow going for sure.

      • Thuloid

        I have a piece I need to write. Okay, about three of them. Trying. Other writing projects, baby, work stuff getting in way.

        Doing a little gaming. Playing some KoW, trying on SAGA. That’s about as much as I can handle right now.

  • The Warlock

    Well, I should be shown the ropes in Malifaux tomorrow, so I’ll try to get photos, write a report and possibly round up some interns.

    • oh! Interns! Make sure they know the likelihood of stabbing is high,

      • The Warlock

        Where did we keep the organ recycler again, was it level 4 or sub-level B6?

        They sorta know, I guess…I just fired up the cloning vats so we’re near 50% previous intern capacity but we’ll need a few more genomic templates soon. Too many non-synonymous mutations are occurring.

    • Dragons Claw

      You bring the interns and ill get the purple robes laundered 😱

      • The Warlock

        Righteous. Do we still have that jet from when we broke Bush Craft out of Internet Prison?

        • Dragons Claw

          Nah Quantus repposesed😡 it I’m surprised you didn’t know that I put your name and contact details on the lease hire agreement😈

          • The Warlock

            Aw goddamnit. FYI they came knocking at the old address, which is basically a door attached to a portal to nowhere. I also can’t find my purple robe :'(

          • doesn’t have to be purple. can be an old potato sack if need be.