Weekly Top-X!

Hi everyone,

beat ronin here with a Top X. Really any time you look over our roll, there’s stuff that’s interesting and worth drawing attention to. So what you get at any given time in a Top X says a lot about the Top X-host I reckon.

It’s always fun for me to see the different things the writers here pick when they step up to do one of these, and I’ve never done one so here we go…



First up I really enjoyed this Judge Dredd battle report by Adam D. at The Dice Abide. I like the tone of this post, it captures the 80s madness of 2000AD well, plus, nice paint jobs! I like the comic book-y colours.

Certs is better-known around here for his most excellent Infinity blog, but as a failed Infinity player I found his anime recommendation equally useful. It’s hard to find a good old sword-swingin’ anime in the sea of occult horror, schoolgirls with giant pairs of scissors, and high school music clubs. Cheers mate.

Yeah... I've got nothing. "Slaughter school office supply girl?"

Yeah… I’ve got nothing. “Slaughter school office supply girl?”

Bellarius at The Good, The Bad and the Insulting has written a nice article highlighting ten of the best neglected Space Marine chapters (Mentor Legion 4 life, yo). A poor jaded 40k player dropped in and had a bit of a moan (I’m sure we’ve all been that guy), so head over and inject some positivity into the discussion!

Cadianshock has a nice run-down of his first experiences with an airbrush. It’s nice and clear, informative and worth a read. I enjoyed it, since I have an airbrush but have never been able to get the damn thing to work. It was nice to vicariously spray someone else’s tanks…

MIK at Mik’s Minis made a pen out of a 40k basilisk cannon. That’s what I’m talking about.

Nice one.

Nice one.

Gordon at I have wrought my simple plan… showcases some nice Vikings, including a shieldmaiden jarl. Nice use of Eowyn, I wouldn’t have thought of that.

Blog To Do - Blue Vikings 1

Ah, Claws and Fists. I love the tagline: it’s so self-deprecatingly English (and funny) to my leathery colonial eyeballs. Anyway, Grazer has written a step-by-step how-to for joining the worldwide 30k campaign being run by my friend Dono, the amazing one-man-grimdark-gaming community. Dono runs great narrative campaigns locally (by which I mean both in Canberra and Australia), and is taking his love of the Horus Heresy worldwide apparently. So now I am pimping Grazer’s pimping. If you like 30k get amongst it.

And finally, corrm at St. Andrew’s wargaming has presented some of his fondest memories of wargaming, and invites all of us to join in the reminiscing. These sorts of posts are always fun. Suck, it Nagash… the number of times childhood-me perfectly estimated my Dwarf cannon-shot and took his head clean off. It was uncanny. Good times.

Eh, that’s probs enough for now.

Have a good one, and I’ll hopefully see you next week with more bloggery goodness!

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  • Thuloid

    Good stuff. That may have finally pushed me over the edge into purchasing an airbrush & setup. We’ll see.

  • Wooo, I actually made one of these! Fame and fortune awaits. (Thanks for the shout out).
    Does anyone else miss guess range weapons? My whirlwind used to project eerily accurate firepower at the local GW, though my skills must be exceedingly rusty now.

    • No worries.

      Yeah, I miss guess weapons too. I was really good at them, even as a kid. It made me feel like a psychic seeing people’s reactions!

      • I would pseudo-cheat with them. I would attempt to shoot something that was blatantly out-of range nearby, and part of the shooting process is to “Check Range”. Welp, I guess if I have that number handy I can range-find for my whirlwind here………

        • Oak! That’s very naughty. I am shocked.

          • Back in 3rd edition i needed all the help I could get. lol. If I recall I kind of spun it like: “These guys are spotting for the Artillery!”

  • Gordon Richards

    Thank you kindly! Much appreciated!

    • No worries at all! GWs Lord of the Rings models often fall through the cracks in my mind when I’m thinking of bits to use. But there’s a lot of good stuff in that range. I once saw a historical modeller use some of the scenery to make statues for an Italian town in WWII.

  • Well now I have a lot of tabs of interesting stuff to read. My thanks.

    • No worries, thanks for the feedback 🙂