Weekly Top X!

Well hello there, and welcome to another weekly Top-X, brought to you by my brand new laptop after my old one succumbed to a fatal wound caused by a mug of tea.

This week I have a preponderance of Games Workshop-related links, which I know is not everyone’s thing. I was going to say “not everyone’s cup of tea” but two mentions of tea within seconds of one another seems like a little much, am I right?

Anyway, this is what caught my eye, so this is what you shall be feasting your brains upon today.

First up, and not actually related to GW at all, Paul at The Man Cave went to some insane museum that has Conan’s sword, Hicks’s flak armour, and a whole bunch of other fantastic SF prop thingies. I am jealous.

Next, KorNat at PinAtWar has painted some Lord of the Rings Dwarf Rangers quite nicely. I always like the whole true(er) scale look of this range, and I like the bold, almost 90s colours. Excellent work KorNat.


More GW hobby to be found in the form of these red metal-finish Tau by commission painter Sam Lenz. I find coloured metallics hard to do myself, especially red because the metal medium always makes the red go pink and I haven’t figured out how to not make that happen yet. Now I can go back and read his WiP posts and see how it’s done…

Tau Red Metal b

eriochrome at Sons of Twilight shines some light on an important issue facing mini-games designers at the moment: what scale should our game be at? This is just a short post but it was interesting to see that this is in fact a real problem that comes up when designers are doing market research.

Mr. Kalidor at A Miniature Odyssey has a thoughtful article about the ethics of pirated Forgeworld models. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, since I’ve started playing in a narrative 40k campaign with some serious big boys with serious collections. I’m not sure which way to go yet – my natural Aussie instinct to pirate is warring with my resolve to support creatives.  Kalidor’s post gave me some food for thought.

And finally, Tony at Miasma of Pestilence delivers an abhuman pariah for what looks like a 28mm Inquisitor warband. I love the thought and creativity that has gone into this model at every stage while staying in keeping with the setting. Plus, he kind of reminds me of Tom Baker’s Doctor Who. If he were a beastman.



Till next time, have a good one!

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  • Captain Kellen

    I rate this article a Premium Black on the English Breakfast to Green scale.

    I’ll be in some corner of course… – CK

    • Thanks Cap’n!

      Is English Breakfast better or worse than Green?

      • Captain Kellen

        Depends upon the corner…

        On one side of Greenwich, English Breakfast is better depending upon where you find it. On the other side of Greenwich, Green is better dependant upon who makes it.

        In my corner English Breakfast depends upon who makes it and it’s all fake in my book unless it comes from England itself. I’m picky that way.

        Now, Earl Grey is an interesting one since it was popular with television captains and Chamomile is a favorite of television physicists… so those ratings are middle of the road and a lot more ambiguous.

        I typically have a little milk (real milk) and sugar added to ratings… or are we talking about tea? Does it matter? No!

        You get the idea none the less.

        Thank you for the reply, and (seriously) taking the time to look across the internet.It gives us, non-bloggers, something to read while we should have been working in the corner… – CK

  • I had some very fancy tea last night. I was very careful to keep it away from my laptop because of the fate yours suffered.

    • My tea is creeping closer and closer to my new computer every day. At first it was on the table on the other side of the room. Then the same table as the laptop, but at the other end. Now it’s right behind the screen. I still haven’t got up the courage to have it next to the laptop yet.

  • Benderisgreat

    I do like the thought that somehow, somewhere, some inquisitor is frantically trying to get his golden servitor’s head back from two ugnaughts playing keep-away.

    Ugnaughts: Bespin’s Dicks.