Weekly Top X!

P1000285Hi everyone, beat ronin here again with a (sort of) weekly Top X!

First up… I try to steer clear of spotlighting posts from the blogs of our own HoP writers, unless of course they really deserve it (and everyone else has dropped the ball that week). This post by Eternal Wargamer at Creative Twilight really deserves it. It’s something I’ve written about before myself, but not in as much depth. And I think it’s always a useful discussion: what do we really want from our wargames?

Next up, some nice and clean Byzantines for SAGA from Twin Cities Gamer. With giant Baby Jesus on their side how can they not win? I mean, come on.

Gothmog at Sepulchre of Heroes brings us this entire Blood Bowl team, converted from GW Chaos Marauders. I chose this because Norse (so now I can use the Hot Viking Action tag again), and I really love when people go all out on these low model count games. No offence to people who just use the models out of the box, but I always feel it’s a bit of a missed opportunity. Nice work Gothmog.

KlintI like this post by airbornegrove26 over at Give ’em Lead. I like to see people’s inspiration for their work. Plus it has a barbarian in it, and that flame-haired Pinterest girl is very arresting, just saying. Maybe he’s right; maybe Pinterest IS cool.

Eurgh, a Dark Eldar Talos that is also an evil clown holding balloons *shudder* Yeah thanks Nafnaf. Just what I want to see across the table from me…

And finally, the Back 40k has a quick report about the FTC (which I’m guessing is some American consumer watchdog thingy?) weighing in on Kickstarters and suggesting that backers deserve the same protections as other consumers. Basically, if you say you’re making something with the money, make it with the money. It’s not that hard, jerks. Use Kickstarter for what it’s for. About time we had an inkling of some possible accountability, I say.

Er, that’s it. Till next time, have a good one!

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  • Frank Ford

    Thanks very much for the kind comments! With so many changes in the hobby at the moment, sometimes we just have to put pen to paper. I mean keyboard. You know what I mean.

    Eternal Wargamer

    • No worries! It was a good article 🙂

  • Cedric Ballbusch

    I’m sure the Iconoclasts would argue that carrying around an image of the Madonna insures defeat… Which would led to a suitably Byzantine series of riots, revolts, and regime changes.

    The FTC is the Federal Trade Commission, they’re primary responsible for preventing the creation of trusts and policing noncompetitive business practices.

    • Well being raised Catholic, I guess I’m easily impressed by graven images!

      • Cedric Ballbusch

        I sympathize.

        • Monty Luhmann

          If the emperor finds out about the banner and shields, he’ll have my eyes out!

  • Captain Kellen

    I see a corner with blood bowl…

    • Indeed! I used to play some mean Dwarfs myself back in Dungeonbowl, so I’m not immune to the call of the squigskin.

  • Bush Craft

    ‘Give ’em Lead’ is so under-rated. I love to see that guy’s work on Top X!

    • Yeah, he really lets his imagination run wild, and puts in heaps of work with all the little touches like the comic strips. It’s awesome.

  • Monty Luhmann

    What a nice surprise! Thanks so much for the shout out. With the banner and shields, I can hardly lose, right?

    Twin Cities Gamer

    • Hey no worries! I’ve been enjoying your SAGA stuff for a while now. Sorry for the late reply by the way, I don’t get notifications consistently for some reason.